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Review from BLITZ!.

Heldentod's new album opens with "The Ghost Machine" track, of which the deceptively sweet atmosphere is probably due to the guest vocals of Jill Lovinitnun. From the second song onwards, oppressive sounds, based on power electronics, take the listener to a world filled with ghosts, disease, terror, sadness and pain.

Like the opening track, the martial and rigorous "Encystment Process" will remind some of us of the terrible atmosphere of Endura's "Black Eden".

The excellent instrumental "Revenant" is remarkably aggressive, thanks to sounds of police sirens or screams of pain, that are either crushed or compressed. A video clip of this piece has been directed by Jeff Williams.

The group's website (www.heldentod.net) offers a large amount of information, particularly on their literary tastes (Anglo-Saxon and Nordic poetry, works of Mishima or Drieu La Rochelle, Greek myths) or esoteric references (runes, ghosts stories).

Finally, "The Ghost Machine" gives the listener all at once the fascination and discomfort that are the hallmark of great records of the death industrial genre.

 — Général Hiver

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