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Review from DARKROOM.


"The Ghost Machine"

(Cold Spring)

Time: 44:55

Rating: 7

After three self-produced CDr albums, the American project Heldentod finally arrives with its debut CD, thanks to the interest of the English label Cold Spring. ‘The Ghost Machine’ presents classic industrial details marked by a distinct tendency to the gloomy; certainly a few pieces refer to the more or less buried death-industrial phalanx with these slow and brooding trends, structured on sounds more sonically violent and rough than those typical of dark ambient. Many times the disc presents linear bases of noise, over which are added filtred and distorted spoken-word vocals: the title track, for instance, which with every passing minute adds an abrasive power-electro style razor, but also ‘In The Company of Pure Cold Wind’, ‘The Sentient Darkness’, ‘Betrayal’ and ‘Kinderm√∂rderin’, all pieces that seem to refer to the more ritualistic and macabre solutions of Genocide Organ or Anenzephalia, split between darkness and aural aberrations. More elaborate and with multilayered bases are ‘Incorruptible’ and ‘Revenant’: the first also presents analogue themes and the ubiquitous spoken cacophony, the other has a very powerful structure compared to other tracks, as if to give voice to an imminent apocalypse of metal howls and audio-telluric disturbances. The best track, standing out from the rest of the disc, is ‘Encystment Process’, built around an obsessive and funereal rhythm to which are added a little of all the ingredients of the other pieces: from abrasive thrashing to the voices (this time filtred, angelic and whispered). Stylistically compact and uniform, "The Ghost Machine" will please followers of death industrial and, more generally, those who love projects like Brighter Death Now and Anenzephalia. A good find about which we will hear more!

Michele Viali

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