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Review from MENTENEBRE.

Lethal poison.
Heldentod - "The Ghost Machine"


Heldentod presents its first official CD, "The Ghost Machine," a genuine masterpiece of dark industrial. Aggressive while balanced and mysterious. Wonderful.

"The Ghost Machine" is a work by Heldentod published by Cold Spring (Ref: CSR131CD) in 2012.
From Britain and navigates between Industrial & Power Noise styles and lasts 44:57 minutes.

Links: Heldentod & Cold Spring
Rating: 8 out of 10

The British label Cold Spring Records, which has specialised for decades in industrial music and power noise, strikes again with the launch of a new promise of dark industrial: Heldentod.

The history of this band is rather brief, having only a three-CDr discography. However, this does not do justice to its magnificent musical quality. Heldentod is characterised by generating tyrannical and anguished acoustic textures in which loops of voices reverberating with considerable overhead fill the dark space that generate the tunes, providing an even more dark and mysterious perspective. The hieratic emerging from the cuts is occasionally altered by sonic exhaust, dissonant and brutally aggressive, that violates the beat with eternal passion. The songs become an obtuse and deviant nightmare, introducing the listener to a vacant context described in greyscale, which is lost, disoriented, unable to find a solution to the desolation that so unfailingly imprisons him.

Commendable work is harvested on "The Ghost Machine". We could sneakingly compare it to the first works by Anenzephalia, touched in turn by the macabre influence of Satori, the conceptual arc of Lustmord and the vocal methods of NON on "God And Beast". The result achieved is fascinating. The decay that takes form on disc is embodied in eight cuts overflowing with evil.

It is very difficult to differentiate favourite topics, because the disc itself could be understood as a single subject, but for the silence between the various cuts. The album tells a story with no plot, tells of an emptiness that is filled by the presence of evil in its purest form. The tranquility is shown to be poisoned. The calm does not have to lead to peace, on the contrary, leads to nervousness. The analogy breaks down and that is even more fascinating.

The only exception that disturbs the peace imposed by the disc is the seventh cut 'Betrayal', a paragon of rhythmic and scathing power electronics that will create fans once they hear it. Undoubtedly a great snack that wakes us from hopeless lethargy in which we were buried. His style is very close to that produced by Genocide Organ, which is to say that the noisiness is more than guaranteed.

The recording of this work was completed during the last months of 2011, having seen the light 50 days ago. Since then, its acceptance has been fantastic, reaping fabulous reviews in the experimental and industrial field. It respects the dream of the old school while providing a new perspective within the established categorization.

My first impression was a pleasant surprise. There is a shortage of talented groups, but if anyone needs examples of masters, here is one.

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