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Review from NecroWeb.

Heldentod — The Ghost Machine
by blizzard

Friends of harsh electronic are very likely going to enjoy "The Ghost Machine", as this contains some damn interesting moments. But wait, this does not mean in any way, that interesting moments are the exception here. Heldentod reach an enormously high level, which is by no means inferior to a cult band like Haus Arafna. Stylistically as well as vocally, certain similarities exist, but fortunately this album also keeps a highly individual approach.

Especially regarding the content of the album, which includes things like ghosts and ancestor worship, as well as other dimensions. It is not hard to see, that Heldentod are not associated with the martial sector, but rather commute between harsh electro and power electronics. This is all however finely dosed and an absolutely stunning album surfaces, that almost literally sucks you in with its power.

"Incorruptible" already has you on the edge of your seat with its clear vocals that create a strong contrast to the music.

The dark and atmospheric "Encystment Process" is striking as well and underlined by occasional harsh moments. Even gloomier, "The Sentient Darkness", a truly black monolith of a song, quickly leaves an impression with its subtle, almost whispered articulation.

This album has a very variable character; each track has its spectrum and nobody could ever say that any simple sounds are present.

Honestly, I absolutely did not expect such a high caliber album and I can honestly say, that I have become addicted to this album! The impressive collaboration of harsh and atmospheric moments is stunning although it has to be said, that mostly the noise-afflicted audience will like this!

Summing it up, this is one of the strongest Cold Spring releases of recent times and Heldentod definitely need to be kept in mind for the future. Full House!

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